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An uncontested divorce is typically faster and cheaper than a contested divorce. When both parties agree on the terms of the divorce, the law usually allows the parties to maintain control of their own futures. As a result, the parties are not forced to live by a decision imposed upon them by the Judge.

An uncontested divorce is especially beneficial when there are children from the marriage. Uncontested divorces tend to encourage a civil relationship after the divorce. Consequently, the parents are better able to raise the child or children together after the divorce.

An uncontested divorce also guarantees both parties a greater degree of confidentiality. Contested divorces require the details of both parties’ finances to be discussed before the Court. Other personal, more intimate, and potentially more embarrassing details may also be revealed. However, in uncontested cases, all disclosures and negotiations shared between the parties remain confidential.

Uncontested divorce works best for parties who are cooperative with one another. Conversely, uncontested divorce is not advised where there has been domestic violence in the marriage.

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