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Planning Your Divorce

Contemplating a divorce can be scary. Good planning can make all the difference in the outcome of a divorce lawsuit. In many cases it is a good idea to do some research and investigation before you mention divorce to your spouse, and certainly before you initiate any proceedings.

Do Some Research Before You Talk About Divorce
Some states work on a first come first serve basis, favoring the party who files for divorce first. If you live in a state that operates that way, your spouse my try to beat you to filing in order to gain favor. Some spouses who anticipate a divorce may begin to hide assets to protect them from property division.

Know The Laws In Your State Before Filing
Find out if you live in a community property state or if your state divides property according to the principle of “equitable distribution.” Learn about child custody laws in your state. Some states allow simple, no fault divorces and some do not. You may have to endure a lengthy separation period before a no fault divorce will be granted. You also need to understand jurisdiction and residency – find out how long you must live in a state in order to file for divorce in that state.

Working With Your Spouse
The best thing for everyone involved is if you and your spouse can reach an agreement before approaching the courts. You need to reach an agreement on division of property, child custody, alimony, and child support if at all possible. If you cannot work it out between each other, try mediation.

Talk To Your Children
Once you and your spouse are sure that you are going to divorce, discuss the situation with your children in a civil manner. You may have arrived at a custody agreement before talking to your children, or you may want to seek their input. Either way, it is best to let them know what is going on before you go to court and before they hear about it from someone else.

A well-planned divorce can save time, money and heartache for both spouses and the children. If you are contemplating a divorce, talk to an experienced divorce attorney today and thoroughly investigate the laws in your state.

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