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Mediation is beneficial in any type of divorce, and is particularly helpful if children are involved. Battling over children, property, and financial support impersonally through attorneys is expensive, time consuming, painful and often the results are not pleasing to either party.

A mediator works closely with both of you, as an objective third party, and tries to find the detailed solutions that will benefit both parties, be fair, and make everyone as happy as possible with the outcome. Either or both parties can have an attorney or financial planner present at the meetings if desired. Issues addressed in mediation include:

The painful nature of the underlying causes for divorce can confuse divorcées. Many do not want to bother with mediation because they feel certain that the courts will see that they are “right” and rule in their favor. In reality, the courts do not care who is morally right, who hurt whose feelings, or what is fair in an emotional sense.

The courts are limited to specific things that they may consider. Divorces are full of things like religion, morality, and emotional issues where the courts have little room to delve. Mediation allows these issues to be considered and takes each person’s wishes into consideration as well.

Typically you will have several mediation sessions and continue to work on an agreement until both parties are satisfied or until the mediator feels that further discussion will not be fruitful. In most cases an agreement can be reached in mediation, which is then submitted to and reviewed by the court.

The courts look favorably on parties who are willing to try mediation, especially in child custody cases. Parents who would rather subject their children to an ugly court battle than try to reach a civilized agreement, do not appear to have their children’s best interest at heart.

If you are facing divorce consider working with an experienced mediator. Your attorney can help you choose a mediator that will be a good match for your unique situation.

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