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Child Support or Modifications

Child support upholds the idea that parents are required to pay for the support of their children, even if the children no longer live with both parents. Child support can be arranged for a child born out of wedlock as well. Paternity needs to be proven in cases where the identity of the father is in question. Child support can also operate under the principle of estoppel. In other words, if someone has lived long enough with a child that they are considered a parental figure, child support can be put into effect.

Many common questions exist as to the nature of the child support agreement. States will differ on their versions of child support and execution of its laws. Therefore it is preferred to have an agreement that outlines visitation rights, payment schedules, and what extra activities are covered. Most states require that medical insurance, medical expenses, and child care costs for working parents should be included in the agreement. Extra activities that are not covered under state laws are college tuition, stoppage of payments if the child is on an extended stay with the paying parent, tutors, lessons, extra curricular activities, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and religious studies just to name a few. In the end the exact amount of child support is decided upon the family income.

Child support payments are terminated at either 18 or 21 depending on the state. Other terminating events include, marriage of the child, death, the child permanently living away from home, the Armed Forces, Vista, and Peace Corps.

If while paying child support a job is lost or there is a reduction of payment, a court order will be needed to modify the original child support agreement.

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